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Long-Term Solar Benefits

Own your power! Shelter yourself from seasonal price changes and the constant utility rate increases. Start saving today by switching to solar energy. Invest in the future.

Solar Installers You Can Trust

 Our work is exceptional.  Customers all agree, that Bevan and his team deliver the best quality installation.  Choose from the widest array of panel options.  Purchase solar and increase the value of your home!

Family Owned

We are a local family run business.  

Bevan has been installing solar systems for 13 years.  He has been a contractor for even longer.  He has both his general contractors license and well as C-46 solar license.  

Faye is Bevan's wife and handles all the paperwork and interconnection through PG&E.

Roger DeNault, who you may meet if you request a quote.  He has been in solar industry since 1988.


Solar Installations

Roofmount solar

Premium Solar Installation Services.

Clean, safe energy that you own.

Installed by the highest standards of contractors. 

On point communication of  how the system operates and what you can expect throughout the whole process.  Interconnection with PG&E.

Battery Back Up Installation for New or Existing Solar

LG Chem Battery Back Up for Solar

 PG&E shutting off your power for PSPS events.  Buy a battery backup and add it to your existing or new solar system.  Battery back ups recharge and gives you multiple days of power when the wind or winter storms take out your power. 

Generator Installation

Generac Generators

Whether you have solar or not you don't have power if your tied to the utility grid when the power goes out.  Have access to power all the time by installing a generator to power your whole house.  Never be without power for your medical devices, communication in the event of emergency storms and wind events.

SunPower Authorized Dealer

Sunpower Authorzed Dealer

Want one of the highest quality panels sourced right here in the US?  Look no further, ask us about Sunpower panels.  Not only do they provide power, lowering the cost of your utilities, they have a sleek look.

Contact Us

We strive to be in constant communication with our customers until the job is done. Please use the form for an estimate, or call us w any questions about converting your home or business to solar. We look forward to serving you!

PerryBuilt Construction Lic. 988549

P.O. Box 125 Soquel, California 95073, United States

(831) 359-6891


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Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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